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Motion Center Yoga is a collective of independent yoga teachers.  While our styles vary, we all offer skilled individualized instruction that honors the deeper aspects of yoga. Classes are dynamic, inspiring, deeply relaxing, and centering.



Naama Gidron, is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with over 15 years of yoga practice and 10 years of teaching experience. Naama first discovered Iyengar yoga in 1987 while at Columbia University. She has studied extensively with senior teachers Manuso Manos in San Francisco and Patricia Walden in Boston, and travelled to Pune India to study with the Iyengars.  Naama’s teaching style is informed by her dance background.  It is clear and concise, dynamic and engaging. She enjoys working with a wide range of students including athletes and seniors. Naama teaches privates, specialty workshops as well as retreats.

Christy Chase, MAT, is the mother of two boys who finds the presence of yoga to be a welcome oasis in a very busy life.  As a fourthgrade teacher, she works hard to compassionately meet the individual needs of her students, and carries that same intention into her yoga classes.  Christy has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1993.  In 2007 and 2011, she completed two rounds of rigorous assessments to become an officially certified Iyengar teacher.  Christy is grateful for the inspiration given by Suzanne Newton, whom she credits with starting her yogic journey; Linda DiCarlo at our local Iyengar Yoga Source; the beloved Patricia Walden, her mentor teacher who leads Teacher Training in Boston; and her fabulous students, who teach her the meaning of community, devotion, and humility. Please see for more information on Iyengar yoga.  

Sara Davidson Flanders, ERYT-500, began her study of yoga in 1992 and started teaching yoga in 1997. Her extensive asana training includes, alignment-based, vinyasa, therapeutics, prenatal, and more. She teaches classes, workshops, anatomy and teacher trainings, and practices as a yoga therapist. In 2007 she became a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. She teaches a method of artful movement informed by intelligent and graceful sequencing, biomechanics, alignment, and a strong foundation of philosophy and meditation. Her meditation practice and studies began in 1992. She has lived residentially at 2 different meditation centers, and is presently studying and practicing various meditation techniques that explore the Tantric vision, practice and lineage of non-dual yoga.

Meghan Schaffer, is a Chiropractor and Yoga practitioner.  She began her yoga practice while attending Logan College of Chiropractic 9 years ago in St. Louis, MO from where she hails.  Yoga has always been her favorite way of studying and investigating the dynamic and ever changing mind body connection.  Meghan has practiced many styles of yoga over the years and is a lover of all. The philosophy of yoga and chiropractic are one in the same to her; they are both lifestyle practices that facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Meghan is very grateful to be apart of the Motion Center and for the opportunity to continue to learn from her colleagues and students and share her experiences.

Sumati Eberstadt (Brown University, 1971) performed with and choreographed for the RI Dance Repertory Company, and ran a private modern dance studio in Providence. In 1982 she moved overseas and lived in Greece, Germany and India. She began studying the Feldenkrais Method in Munich, Germany in 1984 and went on to train in Switzerland under Mia Segal, first assistant to Moshe Feldenkrais, and his close colleague for 25 years. Since completing her training and being admitted to the Deutsche Feldenkrais Guild in 1989, Sumati taught the Feldenkrais Method to groups and individuals at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Providence RI. She has worked with therapists, dancers, musicians and meditators. She is now certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

Erin Vinacco, is a native Rhode Islander with over 7 years of experience working with and children, parents and families.   She finds joy in sharing both the peaceful and playful aspects of yoga and mindfulness with students of all ages and abilities and has worked with various non-profits, schools and community organizations to share yoga and mindfulness with students of all ages and abilities.  Her compassionate presence welcomes all students to the mat and allows everyone to explore and develop their unique practice at their own pace and comfort level.  She is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than a decade.   Erin has completed a 40-hour training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Center in Boston and over 40 hours in training in teaching yoga to children, teens and adults with special needs through Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy and My OmAbilities.

Lori Goddard, RYT 500. Embracing multiple traditions of yoga, I completed my most recent training with Daniel Orlanksy in his Yoga of Energy Flow program. Finding  joy in my own practice and in teaching, I love to share my enthusiasmfor yoga to practitioners of all ages and abilities. The daughter of an engineer and an artist I happily struggle with balancing the logical and the whimsical in my life and in my teaching. Alignment is a key element to my teaching but so is inviting students to develop their own fluidity, ease, grace and hopefully some humor as we practice. I am grateful to work with students in various sectors including senior centers, The Arc, RI Free Clinic and other social service groups. The work I do with these organizations enhances all of my teaching. I am grateful for my teachers who continue to guide and inspire me, including Daniel Orlansky, Kate Greer, Richmond Dickson, Naama Gidron, Sara Davidson Flanders, and so many more.